About Our Site

Welcome to Popularcategories.com. In this post I will talk a little about what this site is all about. So What is Popularcategories.com? It's a website with the goal of providing information and articles about what is popular online. Sometimes, we may cover news stories, and other times, we may review a product or provide links to discount coupons. The site will be run in a blog-like format, with regular, fresh content and frequent updates.

Most of our articles will be between 150 - 500 words. We will try to avoid the usual ramblings that many bloggers tend to indulge in, and instead focusing on giving you the information you want without much ado. With that said, let's get started. We will be posting our first article shortly. Until then, I wanted to tell you about a great shopping site you should be using. It's called Retailmenot and it provides tons of coupons and discounts, so make sure you check them out.