Three reasons to start using e-cigarettes

volcano ecig couponIf you're on the fence about whether or not you should start replacing your regular cigarettes with Volcano electronic cigarettes, this article may help you make a decision. I have been using e-cigarettes for a couple years now, and believe there are three major reasons for everyone to make the switch.

1. Health
There is still a lot that isn't known about the long-term effects of using e-cigarettes, but almost all health professionals will concede that overall, e-cigarettes are likely to be better for your health than normal cigarettes. Some of the health benefits will be obvious to you after you switch. Most people who use e-cigarettes report less coughing, whiter teeth, better breath, and more ease when breathing. You can therefore expect tangible health benefits by giving up smoking and using e-cigarettes instead.

2. Safety
Each year, a great many fires are caused by smokers. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, run on batteries, and there is no fire risk whatsoever.

3. Money
E-cigarettes cost a lot less than smoking does. A pack of cigarettes will easily cost you over six dollars. An e-cigarette cartridge, on the other hand, will give you the equivalent number of puffs as a pack of cigarettes while costing a fraction of the price. Some studies estimate that you could save thousands of dollars a year by using e-cigarettes.

Not everyone may agree with me, but I just find vaping to be a lot more fun than smoking. There are numerous batteries and flavors you can experiment with. If you are sold on making the switch, I recommend checking out my favorite e-cig store, Volcano Ecig. You can obtain a Volcano Ecig coupon to save money on any purchases you make there. To get a coupon for Volcano Ecig, just go to this link -

To start, purchasing a kit may very well be the easiest way to go. You may also want to start out with disposable ecigs if you just want to get a taste of what e-cigarettes are like.