Basic Contact Lens Care Tips To Live By

Some people avoid contacts because they believe they are difficult to manage. Others don't buy contacts simply because they cost more than eyeglasses. However, if you know proper contact maintenance care and where to get discount contact lenses, both concerns are actually somewhat unwarranted. For years now, I've been spending less than 5 minutes a day caring for contact lenses. In addition, I've been saving quite a bit of money on them by purchasing them online from cheap contact lens stores like Note that the contact lenses I get from are the exact same ones I'd buy elsewhere, so I am not sacrificing quality in any way. It's just that when you shop online from a good store and use online coupons, your savings can be quite big, sometimes as much as 50% or more.

Let's start off by talking about contact lens care. Modern day contacts are very comfortable, and you need to scrub them for minutes like you had to in the old days. Most lenses today only require you to remove them at night, scrub them with solution for maybe 15 seconds each, then store them overnight in a clean contact lens case. Many experts recommend you replace your case every 3 months as there can be a buildup of bacteria in them. You can also boil the case to kill off the bacteria, but according to some health websites, you still should replace your case every few months. Fortunately, contact lens cases are very expensive, especially if you purchase them from dollar stores like DollarTree.


In addition, while most contacts can be worn overnight, do not make a habit of this. Every eyecare professional I've spoken to has told me that it's important to remove your contact lenses while sleeping, as this is an opportunity for your eyes to get some oxygen.

As for purchasing contact lenses cheaply, my go-to store for many years has been I typically get myself a online coupon from Retailmenot to get the biggest savings possible. I've probably saved hundreds of dollars over the years by buying my contacts on the Web as opposed to purchasing them at the optometrist's office.